VIP access to dombetting native apps

(windows PC / android Mobile)

5 days
1 month
2 months*
3 months*
10.98€ /5 days
39.59€ /1 month
72.85€ /2 months
36.42€ /1 month
99.77€ / 3 months
33.26€ /1 month
(best for trial)
(regular price)
(8% discount)
(16% discount)

*To buy 2 or 3-month sub, add 2 or 3 items of 1-month product (see screen below). Discount is applied automatically.

VIP access to TELEGRAM channels

To access each channel you need separate sub per each channel.

Regular Price8% Discount*16% Discount**
SOCCER CHANNELS #301-#312 19.99 € / 1month18.39 €/ 1month16.79 €/ 1month
BASKET CHANNELS #601-#610 17.99 €/ 1month16.55 €/ 1month15.11 €/ 1month
ESPORTS CHANNELS #401-#41015.99 €/ 1month14.71 €/ 1month13.43 €/ 1month
ALL-SPORTS CHANNELS #201-#21223.79 €/ 1month21.89 €/ 1month19.98 €/ 1month

*To get 8% discount buy any 2 products. It can be the same product (2 same products = 2month sub)
**To get 16% discount buy any 3 (or more) products. It can be the same product.
Discount is applied automatically

Tipster license* is required if you are a Tipster or any other type of public publisher (no matter if you are offering free or paid service).
Any abuse will result with account suspension without refund.

Reseller license ** is required to publish dombetting content on your own Telegram channels (or website / apps / other media). Any abuse will result with account suspension without refund.

Contact for more details. 

Alternative ways of getting Dombetting sub for FREE!

Using twitter? If you have at least 50 followers, just retweet pinned post and You’ll get 1-week sub to access telegram channel

Then just send an email to to let us know.



Subscription plans updated: JUL 22nd, 2023